Brazilian Brite Pine Fence Pickets 1x6x8 Dogear New

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.57.25 PMSpecs: Nominal 1 x 6 x 8 Dogeared Top Brazilian Brite Pine Fence Picket. (Actual Dimensions: 11/16″<≈>9/16″ x 5-3/8″<≈>5-5/8″ x 96″)

Species: Brazilian Pine (Pinus Parańa)

Quantity: . . . no minimum purchase quantity required (price is firm)

Origin: Brazil . . . Paraña Valley

TechNote#1: You may or may not have noticed, but the grade of this picket is not mentioned above. That’s because there isn’t one. I’ll explain . . . Here in North America there is a universally agreed upon grading system for any lumber product produced by any mill,. . . however,in Brazil they have no idea what you’re talking about when you bring up the subject of grades. All they want to know is the dimensions in millimeters of the pieces of lumber you want. With those requirements in hand, they go cut down some trees and saw them up into the dimensions you requested. Your lumber is bundled, banded, and loaded into containers and sent to the port. Not very impressive quality control one would think, . . . until you notice that all the stuff that goes into our fencing up here is left lying on the ground down there.

TechNote#2: This is exactly the same Brazilian Pine picket that you find in all the big box home centers except for being pressure treated. We catch it (brite) before it’s treated so that it can be stained whatever color you want. The oxidized copper in the pressure treatment will add a green ting to whatever color you’re trying to stain the treated wood. This brite pine gives you a result much closer to what you’re expecting than a piece of lumber that is already some color to start with.( There a couple of colors of Readyseal that render this brite pine indistinguishable from cedar.)

TechNote#3: For coverage calx: . . .

3.1) Side-by-side style fence uses a theoretical 2.18 pickets per lineal foot of fence (12 inches divided by 5-1/2 inches) .

3.2)For board-on-board style with a one inch overlap takes about 2.7 pickets per lineal foot.

3.3)The formula for calculating coverage of any board-on-board fence is: Boards per lineal foot of fence = 12 / (Actual Board Width in inches – Overlap in inches) Example: 12 inches / ( 5.5 inches – 1 inch ) = 2.67777 or about 2.7 boards per lineal foot of fence. A 1-1/2″ overlap requires 3 boards per lineal foot.

TechNote#4: Unit size is 240 pickets. This Brite Pine isn’t extremely heavy as is it’s pressure Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.07.47 PMtreated version. Nor is it light like Wester Red Cedar. It’s about in the middle. 2 units is a comfortable load for a half top pickup. A dual axle (3,500 lb per axle) 16 ft. utility trailer is good for 8 bundles.

TechNote#5: . . .

Historically, the primary reason for choosing Western Red Cedar fencing over other species (spruce, pine, fir, redwood, larch, incense cedar, etc. ) has been that it lasted longer than the others.

And Western Red Cedar really did last longer back when fences were nailed up and then left for mother nature to destroy. She could get the job done faster on the species that weren’t Western Red Cedar. And she did.

However, the advent of preserving fences with oil based sealers has equalized the life expectancies of all the species we use for fences here in the Metroplex; . . . including Western Red Cedar.

Any wood that we commonly use here for exterior products, when saturated with oil and kept that way, is going to last 30 – 60 years, whatever species it is: your deck . . . your redwood picnic table . . . the wooden gnome in your garden . . . whatever.

So . . . if you’re going to properly maintain your fence with an oil based sealer, and you are buying Western Red Cedar to get extra lifetime, you’re wasting your money. Any of the species that we use to build a fence will do the job . . . if you’re going to take care of them. (Note: Seal your fence as quickly as possible – within days of putting it up – and make sure to apply the oil based sealer EXACTLY according to the manufacturers instructions, at the very least, apply more if you can).

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