10 ft Steel Posts for Wood Fences New 13gauge Galvanized

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.28.33 PMSpecifications – New prime steel 2-3/8 inch OD (outside diameter) x 13 gauge (nominal wall thickness approx 095) x 10 ft long (tall) \ cold rolled 50 000 – 60 000 psi steel \ induction welded \ hot dip galvanized \ tubular steel posts \ approx wt per post 23 lbs

Origin – USA \ Mexico \ Oklahoma

TechNote#1 – Generally there are four different wall thicknesses of 2-3/8 inch OD galvanized steel posts found at the big box home centers: 17 gauge (nominal .055″ wall), 16 gauge (nominal .065 wall), 15 gauge (nominal .072″ wall), and 13 gauge (nominal .095″ wall) – these post are the heaviest of the four

TechNote#2 – this post is the standard post for an eight foot tall wood privacy fence. As general rule, here in north central Texas, they are set on six foot centers.

Quantity- no minimum purchase quantity required (we’re happy to sell just one post, if that’s what you need) \ price is firm \ (we do, however, reserve the right to determine maximum purchase quantity per order and/or per customer)

Also we have the hardware for steel posts

Click on image for additional photos and full details
Click on image for additional photos and full details
  • Adapter Brackets-Straight (Simpson PipeGrip) – Note: these are the real Simpson brackets manufactured by Simpson Strong Tie Corp.
    • Option#1: Purchase individually
    • Option#2: In bulk (Bulk = 100 brackets at full price with 1/2 price on 400 lag screws)
  • Wappo Adapter Brackets-Straight (WPA–0 Classic 2 piece style . . . Original Weight . . . Hot Dip Galvanized)
    • Option #1: purchase individually: PRE-ASSEMBLED, without Lag Screws; . . . i.e., just the put-together . . . no lag screws . . . one or a thousand.
    • Option #2: NOT ASSEMBLED in a bag of 100 (100 pairs + 200 Hot Dip GalvanizedCarriage Bolts w/nuts)
    • Option #3:  is pretty much the same as Option #2 above, but includes the 400 lag screws @ half price
  • Aluminum Dome Caps (DPC–4)
  • Lag Screws (Zinc Hex Head 1/4″ x 1-1/2″ . . . gets all of the 2×4 rail)  – (they come in container quantities of 50, 100, and 200) / or in Case (1,875 pcs )
  • Nine Bracket (AKA: Six Bracket) individually, or in bag of 250

P.S. We accumulate this material in 5′ lengths from time to time at a lower cost, if you have a welder you can make 10′ posts and save some money

P.P.S. We stock this post in 6′ thru 16′ in one foot increments.

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