Stain & Sealer

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All Ready Seal wood stains are formulated to add color and seal the wood from moisture in one step. Combining stain and sealer eliminates extra costs, saves time during application, and still produces a high-end quality finish.

All Ready Seal wood stain and sealers penetrate deep into wood fibers, moisturizing the wood with water-proofing oils and creating a flexible barrier that keeps moisture out. Because no rigid film is formed on the surface, Ready Seal wood stains can flex with the woods’ expansion and contraction and will never crack, chip, flake or peel.

$129.99 per 5gal bucket


  • Light Oak (Light Brown)
  • Pecan (Medium Brown)
  • Dark Walnut (Dark Brown)
  • Natural Cedar (Light Red)
  • Redwood (Medium Red)
  • Mahogany (Dark Red)

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