Post Extensions

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our response times have been impacted due to staffing, including our ability to price and ship post extension. Rest assured we are working hard to address all orders in a timely manner. Please feel free to call 214-460-3845 if you need to speak with someone as soon as possible. Emails will be answered in the order they are received. We appreciate the opportunity to do business with you during this difficult time, and thank you for your patience as we try to provide the best service possible to each of our customers. Stay safe!! 

** A Guide to Calculating Your Own Shipping Cost: For a really REALLY rough estimate, you can figure each standard extension weighs about 0.4 lbs per inch (so a 24″ extension would be about 10lbs total). The box size also matters, and you’ll want to add 10 inches to figure the box length (So a 24″ extension would need a 34 inch box) This is because a 24″ extension requires a 10″ insert that slides down into your existing post. (ie. an 18″ extension would be a 28 inch box, a 24″ extension would be a 34 inch box…) With me so far? Okay, next UPS will ask for the height and width of the box – so you’ll want to figure 3″ height + width for each extension. We box them square (so the box is as tall as it is wide). For example, if you’re ordering four extensions, and each extension is 3″ wide and 3″ high, the packaged box would be 6 inches high, and 6 inches wide. You’ll also want to enter our shipping address (2261 Crown Rd. #107 Dallas TX 75229) and your own shipping address. We ship solely via our UPS account, so you can visit the UPS website here, or click the button below to request that an estimate be prepared by someone at the shop.

About Product Availability :

  • Prices listed are for reference only, and are not necessarily the current price, so it’s always good to call and make sure you get today’s price
  • Listed prices are to enable you to “ballpark” a budget for your project, you’ll want to call in to get the guys to spec it out with you
  • The items listed on our website are just some, not all, of the products we carry and/or make. If you want to know what, and how much, we have in stock – just call us
  • Full disclosure, nothing on the website shall be construed as an offer to sell. The contents of this website should be taken as informational/reference purposes only.

Standard [15 gauge or thinner wall]

Available for outside diameters:

Steel Fence Post Extensions

1-5/8″ • 1-7/8″ • 2-3/8″

  • 2 in. $12.99 each
  • 6 in. $12.99 each
  • 12 in. $12.99 each
  • 18 in. $12.99 each
  • 24 in. $12.99 each
  • 36 in. $25.31 each
  • 48 in. $34.64 each
  • 60 in. $39.98 each
  • 72 in. $49.31 each
  • 84 in. $55.97 each
  • 96 in. $59.99 each
  • 108 in. $79.97 each
  • 120 in. $93.30 each

Split Insert [thick wall 14 gauge to 10 gauge]

Available for outside diameters:

1-5/8″ • 1-7/8″ • 2-3/8″

  • 2 in. $19.99 each
  • 6 in. $19.99 each
  • 12 in. $19.99 each
  • 18 in. $19.99 each
  • 24 in. $19.99 each
  • 36 in. $36.39each
  • 48 in. $48.99 each
  • 60 in. $55.99 each
  • 72 in. $69.99 each
  • 84 in. $76.99 each
  • 96 in. $92.39 each
  • 108 in. $100.79 each
  • 120 in. $114.79 each


Processing time varies per order

  • Vinyl Coated (additional cost, limited color selection)
  • Paint (additional cost)
  • Powder Coating (additional cost)
  • Custom Lengths (additional cost)

Product Details 

  • Stronger than, and adds strength to, your existing post
  • No welding required
  • Extension slides into your existing post
  • Snug fit
  • Lead time varies for custom orders

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