6′ Tall Panels

  • 6×8 Board on Board Brite Pine $59.99
  • 6×8 Board on Board Brite Pine Pre-Sealed $189.99
  • 6X8 Board on Board Pressure Treated Pine $59.99
  • 6X8 Board on Board Pressure Treated Pine Pre-Sealed $189.99
  • 6×8 Horiztonal Board on Board Brite Pine $89.99
  • 6×8 Horiztonal Board on Board Brite Pine Pre-Stained $219.99

8′ Tall Panels

  • 8×6 Board on Board Brite Pine $89.99
  • 8×6 Board on Board Brite Pine Pre-Sealed $219.99
  • 8×8 Board on Board Brite Pine $129.99
  • 8×8 Board on Board Brite Pine Pre-Sealed $299.99
  • 8×6 Horizontal Board on Board Brite Pine $59.99
  • 8×6 Horizontal Board on Board Brite Pine Pre-Sealed $189.99
  • 8×8 Horizontal Board on Board Brite Pine $129.99
  • 8×8 Horizontal Brite Pine Pre-sealed $299.99

Customizing Options

  • Stain: 6 Colors
  • Trim: 6 Styles
  • Kickboard: 3 Lengths
    • (pre-seal available at $2 per foot)

Please feel free to scroll through this gallery of our sample panels; these panels are also available for view in our warehouse, located at 2261 Crown Rd., Ste 107, Dallas, TX 75229


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  • All panels use 2×4 rails on the back, listed price on all panels is for the use of 2x4x8 White Wood Rails, but we can custom build with cedar if you prefer – Ask for Pricing
  • For custom pre-staining and custom trim orders, please contact us to ask about the lead time needed to complete your order
  • The panels listed as “stock item” are the ones that we keep in regular inventory, meaning that we continuously build them to keep inventory on the floor. However, we also carry an additional inventory of random-stock panels (6ft tall and 8ft tall) that are not listed (see photo below). The best way to choose from these panels is just to come by the shop, pick out the ones you like, we’ll price them, then you can take them home (Or call/text Lupe, he knows what’s out there – (940) 536-8340). If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to call, and we’ll tell you if we’ve got them available or not – Contact Us
  • The panels listed as “special order” are built specifically for your job. Please provide payment in advance. We invite you to meet with anyone on our build team to customize your fence to meet your needs. You’re also welcome to come by the shop anytime to view the sample panels we have of some of our custom options.
  • Frequently Asked Question: “What’s a Stud Grade Panel?” – – – –  “Stud Grade Fence Panels” is a term that my dad and my uncle coined way back in the late 70’s, to describe a fence section built from 1x4x6 pickets re-sawn from 1x4x6 studs. The term came from the realization that re-sawn studs, nailed up just as they came off the saw, made a relatively inexpensive, pretty good looking fence. Which was amazing in itself because at no point between being a tree and being a structural member of a wall, is a stud ever judged on its appearance…only on its ability to withstand a specified vertical load. There were always defects/blemishes in the pickets, but when nailed up on a pre-fab panels and judged from a dozen of so feet away, it was visually acceptable for most residential uses (especially for the pre-installed fence that come with new homes). After they thought about it a little bit, it kind of made sense that a stud couldn’t have anything extremely unsightly in it without compromising its ability to perform its primary function. It also stood to reason that if the parent 2×4 was certified to be good enough to hold up a house, the re-sawn 1×4’s from it would be good enough to be a picket on a fence, where they don’t have to hold up anything. And so the Stud Grade Fence panel was born…