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Please call 214-460-3845 while we are updating prices and inventory

We appreciate your patience during this short transition!! Our staff is readily available to answer all your questions. You can also use our contact form here.

Extra Info:

  • Even when we aren’t updating our website, prices listed are for reference only, and are not necessarily the current price, so it’s always good to call and make sure you get today’s price
  • Listed prices are to enable you to “ballpark” a budget for your project, you’ll want to call in to get the guys to spec it out with you
  • The items listed on our website are just some, not all, of the products we carry and/or make. If you want to know what, and how much, we have in stock – just call us
  • Full disclosure, nothing on the website shall be construed as an offer to sell. The contents of this website should be taken as informational/reference purposes only.
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