• Open to the public
  • Cash or PayPal (transaction fee will be applied to your total)
  • Sales Tax charged on ALL purchases
  • Closed on Sunday
  • No Minimum Purchase Quantity Required
  • Everything is priced “as-is”
  • All Sales Final, no returns
  • No Warranties, Implied or Otherwise
  • Prices and Availability Subject To Change Without Notice  (please call ahead if you’d like to check today’s prices)
  • Bring ratchet straps, we have a forklift
  • No Delivery 
  • Special Orders or Custom Builds are subject to payment in advance

About Product Availability

Our Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.00.20 PMinventory turns over very quickly, and our inventory is not always the same, so it’s important to double-check pricing before you buy (even if you’ve bought that product before); we may have the same product with a different price because it came from a different vendor, or pricing may vary because we stocked a similar item, but not the exact one we had previously.

Navigating this Site

In various places throughout the website, you’ll see words/phrases highlighted in bold blue. These are links to additional information on the site. For example you can click this link for our Contact Information. You can also navigate via the tabs provided at the top of each page, and  there is a form provided on our “Contact Us” page that will allow you to email us any requests or questions that you may have.


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