2261 Crown Rd., Ste.107, Dallas, TX 75229 • Phone: (214) 460-3845 • Mon-Sat 6am-6pm • Cash Please

Our Most Popular Products


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Steel Fence Post Extensions
Extend your fence anywhere from 2″ up to 72″!! Three different fits allow you to extend posts with wall thicknesses ranging from 18 gauge up to water pipe. Offered in outside diameters of 1-5/8″ , 1-7/8″ , 2-3/8″. You don’t have to dig up your old posts!! Click the image to visit our Post Extensions page.


A little bit about the owners:

Texas Fence Supply was established in 1965 by Dennis, and his father Ralph. In the early days,

Jamie and Dennis (that's Jamie's husband in the lower left-hand corner, totally mortified at their ridiculous behavior)
Jamie and her dad, Dennis (Jamie’s husband is visibly ducking in the lower left-hand corner, totally mortified at their ridiculous behavior)

Dennis and his father installed fences. Consequently, Dennis has a working knowledge of the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to putting up a fence. He can answer most, if not all, questions you may have about tackling a fence installation on your own.

The company is now run by Dennis, alongside his daughter Jamie. Since the mid-1980’s, Jamie has been assisting and/or working with her father in this business, so feel free to ask her any questions you might have  – chances are she can get you a response in short order. Also, if you prefer to have her answer your questions in Spanish, rather than English, she’s more than happy to help.

The pair today operate Texas Fence as a retail operation only, supplying to the North Texas area from their warehouse in Dallas.


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