8 ft 16 Gauge Steel Posts for Wood Fences Galvanized New $10.99 each


8 ft 16 Gauge Steel Posts for Wood Fences Galvanized New $10.99 each + tax

Quantity: No minimum purchase quantity required

Origin: USA 

Payment: only cash (US Currency) or PayPal (transaction fee applies)

Specifications: New Prime Steel 2-3/8″ O.D. (2.375 inch Outside Diameter) x 16 ga (mic’ing between 0.063 in. and 0.073 in. … averaging about 0.066 in. ) x 8 ft. long \ cold rolled (50,000-60,000 p.s.i. steel) \ induction welded \ hot dip galvanized tubular steel posts \ wt. per post: approx 12.8# \ bundle size is 37 posts

Fine Print: Payment: only cash (US Currency) or PayPal \ first-come-first-serve \ prices subject to change without notice \ no minimum purchase quantity (we do, however, reserve the right to determine maximum purchase quantity per order and/or per customer) \ all sales final \ the sales tax rate in Dallas is 8-1/4% \ no delivery \ no warranties implied or otherwise \ this not an offer to sell \

Price: $10.99 each + tax … price is firm

Where \ When \ How — Our shop is in a small 60’s vintage industrial park in North Dallas about 1/2 mile due southwest of LBJ (I-635) & I-35. The nearest large intersection is Royal Lane & I-35E. Our address is 2261 Crown Road, Building#107, Dallas, Texas, 75229. The entrance to the parking lot is from the north side of Crown Rd. about halfway between Newberry and Goodnight. Our building is the very last one on the right (at the north end of the parking lot). We’re open six days a week, Monday thru Saturday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If the front glass door is locked … which it usually is when Lupé’s there by himself … just go around to the big roll up doors on the south side of the building. Anyone in there can either help you or point you towards someone who can. 

One more thing … all these warehouses and parking lots look the same; … so, when you get where you think we’re supposed to be and you still can’t find us, call or text, and we’ll send out a search party.

(A trick to finding us: …… once you’re going west on Crown … and you get to where the pavement changes from concrete to hot top (asphalt), start counting telephone poles after the huge tree on the right. (You’ll know it when you see it) Turn right in between poles number three and number four. Go (north) all the way to the back … we’re the last building on the right.)

Note: … bring ratchet straps to tie down your load … none of the following, nor any combination thereof, will do the job reliably: rope, bungees, bubble gum, bailing wire, bathrobe belts, string, duck tape, dental floss, crossed fingers, and/or prayer. 

In the off chance that you might have missed it … only cash or PayPal \ price is firm … $10.99 ea + tax

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Lupé’s iPhone: (940) – 536 – 8340 Spanish Only … Español Solamente

Also we have the hardware for steel posts …

Aluminum Post Caps … Dome or Flat … 99 cents each 

Simpson Style Adapter Brackets-Straight – $1.10 cents each … one or a thousand / however, with a Case (100) … the 400 Lag Screws that you’re going to need are @ 5 cents ea.

WAPPO Adapter Brackets-Straight (WPA–0 Classic 2 piece style … Original Weight … Hot Dip Galvanized) ••• pre-assembled, without Lag Screws, $1.10 each … one or a thousand / however, with a Case (100) … the 400 Lag Screws that you’re going to need are @ 5 cents ea. 

Adapter Brackets … Super Heavy … Zombie Proof : (Meets Federal Spec: ASTM F537 – 01(2007) 
a ) For 2-3/8″ OD Posts: Corner (WPA-44)… $4.99 each/ Line (WPA-24) … $3.99 each/ End (WPA-34) … $3.99 each
b ) For 2-7/8″ OD Posts: Corner (WPA-45)… $7.99 each/ Line (WPA-25) … $5.99 each/ End (WPA-35) … $5.99 each

Lag Screws (Zinc Hex Head 1/4″ x 1-1/4″ … gets all of the 2×4 rail) 10 cents each (they come in container quantities of 50, 100, and 200) / in Case (1,900 pcs ) … 5 cents each.

Nine Bracket (AKA: Six Bracket) 79¢ ea. / in bag of 250, 59¢ ea.