Used Chain Link Fence Fabric

Used Chain LinkThis is re-rolled chain link fence fabric (wire) that has been up for a while but not so long that it’s lost any of it’s structural integrity. All of it is either hot dip galvanized or aluminized. Most, it appears to me, is on the heavy side of residential weight. Most of this is four foot (48″ tall) but it looks like there are maybe 2 or 3 rolls of five foot (60″ tall). I doubt, since this was re-rolled by a fence crew, that there’s a 50′ roll in the bunch. We can only guess at how many feet are in a roll. You don’t have to buy in full 50′ roll increments. We will roll out and measure for $5. To cut or splice is another $5.

Tech Note #1: Around here the term “eleven gauge” is used by the average homeowner and many fence contractors, to mean any light weight residential chain link fabric. Actually eleven gauge’s technical meaning is a full,true, 11 gauge (diameter: 120 thousandths of an inch plus or minus maybe 5 thousandths) wire or flat steel. It’s almost exclusively used for “spec jobs”) The average person or fence contractor would see true “eleven gauge” only rarely.

Tech Note #2: There is no such thing as a half gauge. Usually something called eleven and half gauge, for instance, is really somewhere near the high end of the 12 ga. interval or right at the boundary of the 12 and 11 gauge intervals. In other words, . . . eleven and a half gauge is actually very light 11 ga. The planned marketing result is kind of like my rascal dad telling all the ladies up until he turned 75, that he was “close to 70”. Meh. . .technically OK but misleading.

One more thing: it should be emphasized that this fabric was taken down and re-rolled by an experienced chain link fence crew . . . with the understanding on their part that they would be ones who would have to re-install it when the time came. If we hadn’t known this, we wouldn’t have even given a thought to buying this batch. And here’s why: as a general rule used chain link isn’t worth re-installing even if it has been obtained for free;. . . because it hangs up on itself so much when it’s being unrolled that, if your time and sanity are worth anything, it would have been far better to have bought new fabric. This crew re-rolled it out on the job knowing that they were going to be the ones who would have to un-roll it. It’s still going to hang up some when it’s unrolled, with used chain link it’s unavoidable, but not to the extent that this is likely to turn out to be a bad deal.

Quantity: No minimum purchase quantity required \ . . . price is firm

Origin: USA