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How To Buy

The friendly folks over at Texas Fence Supply highly recommend you read this page in it’s entirety before heading over to the shop or placing an order; as always, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Thanks ever so much!!

Our Location

Map View

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2261 Crown Rd. #107

Dallas TX 75229

(click map on the right for larger view)

Hours of Operation

6am-6pm Monday-Saturday

For the most part, we only close for holidays on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Contacting Us by Phone/Text

We don’t have a main phone number, we each operate off of a personal cell phone that we answer only when we’re not assisting other customers. That being said, text messages are responded to more quickly than phone calls, since it’s easier for us to respond to a text in the midst of doing something else.

Our Phone Numbers – all have text capability:

Front Door View

Jamie 817.800.5765 (English/Español)

Timm 940.395.4642 (English/Español)

Lupe 940.536.8340 (English/Español)

Dennis 214.460.3845 (English only)

Jamie 817.800.5765


Cash only. We do provide a sales receipt for your records. Sales tax of 8.25% is charged on all purchases, no exceptions.

Buying Guidelines

  • No Minimum Purchase Quantity Required
  • Take’em as they come – we do not offer a pick-through service on our wood material, they are priced “as-is”
  • All Sales Final
  • Price Is Firm
  • No Warranties, Implied or Otherwise
  • Prices and Availability Subject To Change Without Notice – this means sometimes our materials arrive and our cost has gone up before  (please call ahead for the day’s pricing)
  • First-Come-First-Serve
  • Bring Your Own Tiedowns (ratchet Straps specifically – rope, bungies, bathrobe ties, bubble gum and/or duct tape along with crossed fingers won’t get you home with your load ) – Or you can purchase some with your order

Product Availability

Calling in advance allows us to confirm your materials are available prior to your purchase. Our inventory turns over very quickly, and we don’t want you to make a trip needlessly. It is also important to note that we’ve had days in which we’ve sold out of a product in less than an hour. If we confirm we have the item, and you don’t come immediately to pick it up, there’s a chance someone else may snag it. If you need to make arrangements for pick up at a later date, make sure you let us know, we’ll accommodate you if at all possible. Additionally, our inventory is not always the same, so it’s important to double-check pricing before you buy (even if you’ve bought that product before); we may have the same product with a different price because it came from a different vendor, or pricing may vary because we stocked a similar item, but not the exact one we had previously.

Order Pick-Up

To pick up directly from our location – you’ll want to arrange for a truck/trailer and some ratchet straps (to make sure you get home with your materials safely). We have a forklift and can load your order onto your truck/trailer for you. You’ll be responsible for tying down your load with the ratchet straps.

Delivery Services

Delivery is available through an independently contracted service only. Pricing and availability depends on your order size and the delivery location. All costs/guarantees/etc. associated with pick-up/delivery are the solely between you and the delivery service, and are completely independent of Texas Fence Supply – call/text/email us for the contact info.

Shipping Services

We do not have home delivery available at this time for large items/orders. For information on shipping services for our other (much smaller) items, please click here.

Navigating this Site

In various places throughout the website, you’ll see words/phrases highlighted in bold blue. These are links to additional information on the site. For example you can click this link for our Contact Information. You can also navigate via the tabs provided at the top of each page, and  there is a form provided on our “Contact Us” page that will allow you to email us any requests or questions that you may have.

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